Kenny Moore II explains why he’s still with Colts after almost being traded

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After almost being traded by the Indianapolis Colts earlier in the offseason, veteran DB Kenny Moore II explains why he’s still with the team.

When Kenny Moore II stood in front of his locker for a somber exit interview after the 2022 season ended for the Indianapolis Colts, many people thought it would be the last time Moore spoke to the media as a member of the Colts. In that interview, Moore even expressed that he didn’t know what was next and was afraid that he may have played his last game with Indianapolis.

However, Kenny Moore II is now participating in Indy’s offseason program as the Colts prepare for the 2023 season. How did Moore survive the trade rumors and remain with Indianapolis? Speaking with the media on Wednesday, Moore explained what his offseason has looked liked and why he’s still in Indy.

“Tough talks” with Gus Bradley and Chris Ballard are a big reason Moore is still in Indianapolis. Moore explained that, “A lot of communication went and took place for me to be in this seat right now. I’m very grateful for everything that took place after the season to obviously be here.”

Kenny Moore II had to have tough talks to remain with Colts

Those talks were necessary because Moore loves Indianapolis and didn’t want to move on, but it was clear that things had got rocky last season. From being denied a contract extension last offseason, to not being on the same page with new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, Moore had a down year, and he also dealt with an ankle injury.

However, those tough talks have helped everyone get on the same page. Chris Ballard ultimately decided not to trade Moore, and Gus Bradley is working on ways to put Kenny Moore in a role that allows him to play to his strengths. If everything goes well, Moore will have a bounce-back season where he showcases that he’s one of the best players in the league.

If that happens, he and the Colts should be able to agree on a new contract that keeps Moore in Indianapolis for years to come.

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