Julian Blackmon is reportedly switching positions for the Colts

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As Julian Blackmon prepares for his fourth season in the league with the Indianapolis Colts, the defensive back is reportedly switching positions.

After three seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, Julian Blackmon is reportedly making a change in position per IndyStar's Joel Erickson. Entering his fourth season, the veteran safety will remain in the defensive back room as he's shifting from free safety to strong safety.

Julian Blackmon has seen action in 35 out of 50 possible games in his three-year career thus far. In those contests, Blackmon has tallied 126 tackles, three interceptions (one for a touchdown), nine Passes Deflected, two forced fumbles, and one sack.

Colts are moving Julian Blackmon to strong safety

Without further elaboration, the analysis as to why this change is happening is seemingly left up for interpretation. However, knowing what we know, the change is likely due to a few things. First and foremost, the Colts' 2022 seventh-round safety selection out of Yale, Rodney Thomas II, bursted onto the scene during his rookie campaign. Thomas II essentially forced his way into a starting spot on the depth chart with his play.

Secondly, the slow progression of fellow second-year safety Nick Cross is likely a factor for this move. Despite trading up in the latter half of the third round to draft him, Cross is a mere 21 years old and has yet to find his place on Indy's roster due to his rawness.

Had Kenny Moore II not remained an Indianapolis Colt for the 2023 season, we probably would have seen Julian Blackmon slide down to the nickel corner role, whereas Thomas II would've remained the FS and Cross would've been called upon as the full-time starter at strong.

This is of course all hypothetical, though. There's a very real possibility that had Moore II not remained a Colt, Ballard and Co. could have elected to bring Rodney McLeod back for a year or two to continue mentoring Nick Cross at the SS position as they slide Blackmon to the SLCB role.

Again, wihtout further elaboration, we are yet to know how the Colts coaches feel about Cross moving forward. Only time will tell. What we do know is that it is officially Julian Blackmon, strong safety season.