Every Colts fan needs this amazing Starter jacket

As the Indianapolis Colts enter a new era, fans can rep the team, and stay connected to the past with a vintage Homage starter jacket.
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The '90s were a great time. So great, in fact, that the decade continues to have an impact on modern pop culture. Everywhere you look, there are reminders of the '90s. Whether it’s music, where today’s artists try to capture the unique '90s sound through imitation or sampling; television, where there’s a spin-off or reimagining of every great '90s show; or fashion, where the trademark '90s swag will never die, the '90s are everywhere.

Soon, it can also be in your closet. We’re not talking about your throwback wardrobe, cool hand-me-downs, or the nostalgic gear you found thrifting; we’re talking about a brand-new Indianapolis Colts starter jacket that captures the flare of the '90s.

Indianapolis Colts Homage Starter jacket

In the '90s, Starter jackets were the in thing. Everyone was wearing them, from your favorite artists to your favorite athletes. Thanks to Homage, you can now get your hands on a brand new starter jacket in 2023, and rep your favorite team: the Indianapolis Colts. No need to worry, this jacket is new but the vintage look is still there, and that’s what makes it special.

As the Colts enter a new era, this jacket can connect fans to the past.

The '90s were a rough time for the Colts on the field, but it’s also when the franchise found some of its best players in franchise history. Making the playoffs just four times in the 90s, Indy often found itself at the top of the draft. Luckily, Indy was able to draft Marshall Faulk in the 1994 NFL Draft, Marvin Harrison in the 1996 NFL Draft, Peyton Manning in the 1998 NFL Draft, and Edgerrin James in the 1999 NFL Draft.

That collection of talent led to the Colts having a 13-3 season in 1999, catapulting the team into the 2000s, which would ultimately become one of the best decades for the franchise. Now, as Indy prepares to move forward with the likes of Anthony Richardson, fans can stay connected to the past with this fly Homage starter jacket. So visit Homage to get your Starter jacket now.

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