Indianapolis Colts: 30 greatest players in franchise history

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Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts
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Over the Indianapolis Colts’ 65 seasons, there has been an abundance of superstars to don the horseshoe. These are the 30 greatest NFL players to ever call Baltimore or Indianapolis home.

These days, it’s easy for the average NFL fan to overlook the Indianapolis Colts. They haven’t been relevant for a couple of seasons while Andrew Luck has battled his way through a career-threatening shoulder injury. While that may be the case, the franchise’s history is unforgettable.

Seriously, the amount of talent to have worn the Colts’ colors over the years is ridiculous. Dating back to the days of the Baltimore Colts, there have been countless superstars, from iconic quarterbacks to Hall of Fame defensive linemen. Some you likely know well, while others may seem alien to the younger generations.

No matter the maturity of your fandom, the following list of Colts greats includes names you need to know. Put simply, these are 30 of the greatest players to ever step foot on a football field as a member of this franchise. And considering the club’s long history of success, the list of playmakers to choose from was well beyond that of 30.

Either way you look at it, these former/current Colts stars deserve your respect.

Enough with the idle chatter, though. Let’s jump right in to the 30 greatest Colts players of all-time, ranging from the early days in Baltimore to some of the current team’s top talent. No matter the era, every name on this list needs to be known by even the most casual of Colts fans.