Guessing which 6 teams have shown interest in Colts' Jonathan Taylor

There are reportedly six NFL franchises rumored to be in on Colts running back Jonathan Taylor, but who are they and what would a possible trade look like?
Indianapolis Colts, Jonathan Taylor, Miami Dolphins
Indianapolis Colts, Jonathan Taylor, Miami Dolphins / Cliff Hawkins/GettyImages
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Things are about to heat up across the league in terms of roster shuffling and potential trades. It's safe to say the Indianapolis Colts will be one of the teams at the forefront of much news in the coming days.

The Colts officially gave running back Jonathan Taylor permission to seek a trade, but have since given him a deadline of Tuesday to find a suitor. Tuesday, of course, is the NFL's roster cutdown day where teams are expected to get their rosters down to 53 players.

So far, there are rumored to be six teams that have shown interest in Taylor, per ESPN. Indianapolis wants a first-round pick in return, or equivalent value, but that doesn't seem all too possible as it stands. Still, a trade could happen.

Which teams are interested, and what would a trade look like? We try and take a stab at answering those questions.

1. Buffalo Bills

The first team we see that makes sense for Taylor is a Super Bowl contender like the Buffalo Bills. All offseason long, we've heard nothing but positive regarding James Cook, and he is the clear-cut starter in that back field. Cook will have plenty of opportunity to touch the ball this year and prove he can be the every-down back Buffalo needs.

But, if you give that offense Jonathan Taylor, to go along with Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, Dawson Knox, Dalton Kincaid and Gabe Davis, it could be absolutely lethal.

The Bills would likely have to include Cook in any deal, which only makes sense for both sides. If Buffalo sent Cook, along with something like a second or third-round pick, or maybe a combination of a second and mid-round pick, that could get it done.