Indianapolis Colts should consider these 5 Jonathan Taylor trades

Which trade is the best for both Jonathan Taylor and the Indianapolis Colts?
Indianapolis Colts, Jonathan Taylor
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Saturday evening, the NFL world heard a shocking news bite as it was reported that Indianapolis Colts star running back Jonathan Taylor had requested a trade.

It seems crazy, but after meeting with Jim Irsay, Taylor asked to be dealt. In response to the request, Irsay said "We will not trade Jonathan Taylor. That is a certainty. Not now or not in October," per ESPN.

Now, as crazy as it sounds, what if the Colts actually entertained a deal? What could they get for maybe the league's best, young running back? Let's take a look at five potential trades Indianapolis could pursue.

The Indianapolis Colts could start by trading Jonathan Taylor to the Washington Commanders

This first deal is the least exciting of them all, as the Colts would deal Taylor to the Washington Commanders. Washington has been in between giving the ball to both Antonio Gibson and Brian Robinson, with no real, clear-cut leader in the back field. This way, Washington would know who their leader is.

Taylor, Washington trade

In this trade, the Colts would get Robinson in return, who becomes their immediate starter and has three years left on his deal. Robinson is more of a downhill runner, but also possesses a sneaky ability to catch a pass here and there.

In addition to Robinson, the Colts would get a first and third-round pick in 2024, along with a fourth rounder in 2025. They would also deal a sixth rounder to Washington in conjunction with Taylor.

Once again, this isn't the sexiest of deals as Robinson might be the least exciting player coming back in any of these trades. However, the draft haul is definitely attractive.