DeForest Buckner is reacting to free agency just like all Colts fans

Nov 13, 2022; Paradise, Nevada, USA; Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle DeForest Buckner (99)
Nov 13, 2022; Paradise, Nevada, USA; Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle DeForest Buckner (99) / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

With the arrival of 2023 free agency, Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle, DeForest Buckner, is reacting to the developments just like the fans.

After two days of legal tampering, Wednesday brings the official start of free agency. While several deals have already been agreed to, they can officially be signed starting Wednesday. The actual start of free agency will also get the ball rolling on even more moves, creating an exciting week for the NFL.

Fans love free agency because they get to watch their team get better and also just observe all of the chaos throughout the league with players signing big contracts to join new teams and also being traded. Turns out, players love this time of the year as well for the same reason. Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle, DeForest Buckner, explained that on Monday.

Buckner took to Twitter to say “this part of the off-season is always fun to watch…Big Trades & Big Deals.” He finished his tweet with a popcorn emoji. However, Buckner saw what Colts fans experience every year: free agency isn’t as fun for Indianapolis. That was evident when Buckner returned to Twitter and posted a gif that showed he was waiting around for some moves to be made.

DeForest Buckner is waiting on the Colts to make some moves

Late Monday night, after Buckner’s tweet, three moves related to Indianapolis happened. First, Bobby Okereke signed with the New York Giants. Then, Indianapolis re-signed EJ Speed. Finally, right before day one ended, the Colts signed Matt Gay to the biggest free agency contact for a kicker ever. However, those aren’t really major moves.

The major moves came on Tuesday evening when Indianapolis traded Stephon Gilmore and released Matt Ryan. Those two moves cleared about $27 million in cap space. Now it’s time to see what big additions the Colts will make.

Despite the new cap space, the Colts rarely make major moves in free agency though. Buckner should know that. It’s not the way Chris Ballard operates. For better or worse, Indy under Ballard is opposed to getting caught up in the frenzy and overpaying for players early in free agency. Now that the league is entering day three, the first official day of free agency, it’s really time to start getting active.

Indianapolis has some key free agents that it needs to re-sign and also needs to add some top free agents to the offensive line. Hopefully, in the coming days, Chris Ballard and the Colts will be able to provide DeForest Buckner and the fans some moves to get excited about.

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