As Colts start mandatory minicamp, one player is drawing a lot of attention to Indy

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NFLPA Rookie Premiere Portrait Session / Michael Owens/GettyImages

As the Indianapolis Colts progress through the offseason, all eyes are on Indianapolis for one reason: Anthony Richardson.

On Tuesday, the Indianapolis Colts started mandatory minicamp. This is the part of the offseason where storylines really start heating up before they officially begin to play out once the team returns for training camp. For the Colts, there are quite a few storylines for fans to pay attention to, but there’s one storyline that people across the league are interested in Indy.

That’s Anthony Richardson’s progression and his competition with Gardner Minshew for the Colts starting quarterback position. Since Richardson declared for the draft, he has drawn a lot of attention; he was a polarizing prospect. Things went to the next level once Indianapolis drafted Richardson fourth overall.

Everyone was excited about Richardson being paired with the quarterback-developing offensive guru Shane Steichen, and also about Richardson being in a backfield with Jonathan Taylor. This all led to everyone wondering, and debating, when Richardson should make his first start for the Colts.

The NFL is anxious to learn more about Anthony Richardson

Now that mandatory minicamp is here, people throughout the NFL have eyes on Indianapolis to see how Richardson is developing. Kristopher Knox, in a recent piece for Bleacher Report, said that Indy’s biggest storyline to follow is Anthony Richardson’s progression. NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero took it a step further and said that the quarterback competition in Indy is one of the biggest mandatory minicamp storylines to follow in the entire league.

It seems like the entire NFL is just as excited as Colts fans to learn about Anthony Richardson and to see him on the field. It makes sense, because Richardson is an exciting player. Between his size, athleticism, and big-arm passing ability, Richardson is a walking big play, a highlight waiting to happen. But there’s also an understanding that he’s a young quarterback that will need to grow and develop.

Everyone is just eager to know how the growing process is going, and if he’ll be ready to start by Week 1.