Colts rookie QB Anthony Richardson named as a player that will shine in the preseason

With the preseason starting soon, everyone’s excited to watch rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson in action with the Indianapolis Colts.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson (5) takes a break between plays during day #9
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson (5) takes a break between plays during day #9 / Kelly Wilkinson/IndyStar / USA TODAY

After a few weeks of training camp, NFL teams will hit the field this weekend for the first week of the preseason. While these games are unofficial, they’ll serve as the perfect opportunity to see how young players are adjusting to the league and how they can compete against other teams.

For the Indianapolis Colts, that means seeing how their athletic draft class performs, including quarterback Anthony Richardson. Indy hasn’t gone into the specifics of playing time yet, but it’s safe to assume that Anthony Richardson will be on the field a lot. The Colts want to get the young QB as much experience as possible, and the preseason is the perfect time to do that.

People all throughout the league will surely be watching, because Richardson is believed to be one of the most exciting young players entering the league. Set to get the first glimpse of that on Saturday, there are already some high expectations for Richardson in the preseason.

In a recent piece for Bleacher Report, Maurice Moton named seven players that will become preseason stars. One of the seven players was Anthony Richardson.

Anthony Richardson predicted to be a preseason star

Moton pointed out how important it is for Indianapolis to see Richardson on the field as the team tries to decide if he’ll be the Week 1 starter. With him on the field, Moton says, “Richardson's ability to throw and run with the ball will get some "oohs" and "ahhs" in the preseason.”

That's a fact. While the preseason is really made for growth and to help teams and players prepare for the regular season, the design of it shoud definitely lead to some exciting highlights for Richardson. As previously mentioned, he’ll get a lot of reps, he’ll be playing against lesser competition than he will be during the regular season, and he’ll be playing free from a play-calling standpoint, as preseason games are essentially a scrimmage. Those factors, along with Richardson’s abilities, should produce some fun plays.