Colts potentially passing on Anthony Richardson at No. 4 should terrify fans

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The Indianapolis Colts will likely be deciding between two quarterbacks in the draft, and one of the prospects is a more concering option for fans.

As the NFL Draft comes closer, it looks more likely that CJ Stroud and Bryce Young will be off the board within the first couple of picks. Assuming no one trades up, the Indianapolis Colts will likely get their pick of the best non-Stroud and non-Young quarterback prospects in this class.

The Colts are widely expected to use their No. 4 overall pick on either Florida's Anthony Richardson or Kentucky's Will Levis. Both had iffy college production, but they have strong arms that will immediately become two of the ten best in the league and terrific mobility for their sizes.

The latest rumors make it seem like the Colts could be leaning in one particular direction already, as there is buzz building that links them to Levis over Richardson. While both are fine prospects in their own right, passing over a freakish athlete like Richardson would invalidate Indy's whole draft philosophy.

Drafting Levis in the first round is not a bad idea, given his rocket arm. However, taking Levis is also betting on his traits over his collegiate production. If traits are the guiding philosophy this cycle, Richardson should be the obvious pick. His traits are as flashy as any prospect we've seen in a decade.

The Colts must take Anthony Richardson over Will Levis

While Relative Athletic Score (RAS) isn't the gospel truth when it comes to evaluating prospects, the fact that Richardson graded out as the best athlete at the quarterback position and set records in multiple key areas at 244 pounds should be enough to draft him No. 4 overall and never look back.

While Levis stans will point out that he played in a pro-style offense commandeered by former NFL offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello, Florida asked Richardson to do a ton before and after the snap as well. The results weren't always there, but Billy Napier didn't put the best infrastructure in place beside him.

Assuming that Steichen is going to run some variation of the high-octane offense that helped Jalen Hurts get to a Super Bowl, Richardon's elite mobility, creativeness, and arm strength to make deep throws down the sideline will make him a more attractive fit in this scheme than Levis.

With Gardner Minshew capable of operating Steichen's offense and providing average quarterback play until whoever gets drafted is ready to compete, the Colts can afford to be patient with developing a raw pick. If that is the avenue they want to go down, picking Levis over Richardson may not be so wise.

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