Colts officially start OTAs for the 2023 offseason

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp
Indianapolis Colts Training Camp / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

After making several important additions this offseason, the Indianapolis Colts will start putting everything together with the start of OTAs.

The offseason is heating up for the Indianapolis Colts. After different minicamps, the team officially started OTAs on Tuesday, May 23. With a first-year head coach, a rookie quarterback, several players returning from injury, and a defensive coordinator that’s starting his second season for the team, this will be an important phase for the Colts.

OTAs are voluntary, but Indianapolis typically has great participation. With all of the factors listed above, and the fact that Indy is coming off a 4-12-1 season, the attendance should be pretty high, if not at 100%, as the Colts try to turn things around. If anyone is absent, people will start to wonder if it’s contract related.

Will the Colts have any holdouts?

Indianapolis doesn’t typically have contract holdouts. Last offseason, Kenny Moore II did somewhat of a soft holdout. He attended OTAs but didn’t participate. When the mandatory portion of the offseason rolled around, Moore was a full participant.

With guys like Moore, Jonathan Taylor, and Michael Pittman Jr. all entering the final season of their contracts, the Colts certainly have some deals to negotiate, but nothing has indicated that anything would reach holdout status. So everyone should be available as things start to heat up.

Colts OTA schedule

Indianapolis will have 10 total practices for OTAs. The first set will be from May 23-25, then May 31-June 2, and finally June 5-8. Although the Colts won’t be in pads, they’ll have the opportunity to do 11-on-11 periods. This will allow the team to get a good look at rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson.

After OTAs conclude, Indianapolis will hold a mandatory minicamp from June 13-15. Everyone must attend the three-day minicamp, and it will be Indy’s last gathering before the start of training camp.