Colts linebacker takes a shot at Texans after Stefon Diggs trade

"Better luck next year"
Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans
Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

It's never fun to see a division rival improve and make good decisions but unfortunately, the Indianapolis Colts have had to watch the Houston Texans make franchise-altering moves this offseason. Meanwhile, the Colts haven't brought in much outside help this offseason and Zaire Franklin is sick of hearing about it.

The longtime Colts linebacker sounded off on X about how the Colts have "lost the offseason Super Bowl", which could be a shot at the Texans. Houston traded for Stefon Diggs and are now the "offseason champs" while the Colts haven't done a whole lot other than re-sign players. While Houston continues to get praised, the Colts are getting overlooked.

Zaire Franklin is tired of people doubting the Colts

Yes, the Colts haven't acquired much outside help during the offseason while the other teams have loaded up, but that doesn't always mean those moves will work. Indy came just shy of making the playoffs last year and they brought back the players who got them to that point. They'll also have Anthony Richardson back and healthy. Hopefully, that'll be enough.

A year ago, the Jacksonville Jaguars were the talk of the NFL world and they went on to melt down during the 2023 season. Colts fans are hoping that the Texans suffer the same fate but it's looking unlikely that they'll struggle this year unless injuries rear their ugly head. C.J. Stroud is coming off a magical rookie season and now he'll have Stefon Diggs at his disposal.

That being said, the Colts need to worry about themselves. They haven't made the splashy moves that the rest of the AFC South have made but they re-signed Michael Pittman Jr., Kenny Moore, and other key players. Will it be enough to make them a playoff contender?