Texans trading for Stefon Diggs just made the Colts' life a lot harder

You've gotta be kidding...

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills / Kevin Hoffman/GettyImages

Indianapolis Colts fans knew that the Houston Texans were going to be hyped this offseason but the reigning AFC South champs just took it a step further after they traded for Stefon Diggs. Not only did the Texans trade for Diggs but they absolutely fleeced the Buffalo Bills, only giving up a second-round pick for next year's draft to acquire the star receiver.

The Colts narrowly lost out on the division title and a playoff berth last season because the Texans defeated them in the final game of the 2023 season. The Texans went on to win the division and a playoff game while the Colts have struggled to make an impact in the postseason in quite some time.

Colts path to AFC South title just got more difficult thanks to Texans trade

Fans are optimistic that the Colts can be a competitive team in 2024 but there's no doubt that the Texans just made life more difficult for them. They now have C.J. Stroud coming off a sensational rookie season with Diggs, Tank Dell, and Nico Collins to throw to. Diggs is coming off his sixth-straight 1,000 yard season and while he can be a drama king at times, the Texans know what they got themselves into and probably will know how to feed his ego.

All Colts fans can hope for is that the Texans have the same fate as the Jaguars had last year. Everyone was putting the Jags on a pedestal after they won the AFC South and a playoff game in the 2022 season. They went on to meltdown in 2023 and failed to reach the playoffs. Can this same fate happen to the Texans? Colts fans can only hope.