Colts have a chance to re-sign a promising rookie that got away

After losing a talented rookie during initial roster cuts, the Indianapolis Colts have the chance to bring this young player back.
Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts
Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

Every year, when teams have to trim their rosters down to 53 players, they lose talented players that they would really love to keep. If it’s a young player, the team usually gambles by waiving them, hoping that they clear waivers and can be re-signed to the practice squad. Unfortunately, other teams typically notice the talent as well, so they’re usually claimed.

That’s what happened to the Indianapolis Colts last season with linebacker Sterling Weatherford. Indy was wishing for the opportunity to add Weatherford to the practice squad but he didn’t make it through waivers. It also happened this year with Indy, when they team waived rookie corner Darius Rush. The Colts didn’t have the chance to add Rush to the practice squad because he was claimed by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Now, Indianapolis has another opportunity to get Rush back, after the rookie corner was recently waived by the Chiefs.

Colts could add Darius Rush after the rookie corner was waived by Chiefs

Rush was selected by Indianapolis in the fifth round of the 2023 NFL Draft. He dealt with some injuries throughout training camp, and was ultimately outplayed by seventh-round corner Jaylon Jones for the final cornerback spot. Chris Ballard was open about the fact that it was a tough decision, because Indy belives Rush is very talented with a bright future.

That future now has the chance to be in Indianapolis again. If the Colts really want Rush, they could put in a claim for him and see if they get him, or, Indy could wait to see if he clears waivers, and sign him to the practice squad. The cornerback room, is still young and relatively thin, so it would be a move that makes sense. It would also make a lot of fans and people within the organization happy, as they were sad to see him go.