Colts fans are already eyeing a possible reunion in free agency

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders
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With free agency starting on Wednesday, March 15, fans of the Indianapolis Colts are hoping one of Indy’s former players can return to the team.

It’s almost time for the most chaotic period on the NFL calendar: free agency. On Wednesday, March 15, free agency will officially start and teams will begin signing available players to help improve the roster. The Indianapolis Colts will have their fair share of work to do after going 4-12-1 last season. Most of Indy’s focus will likely be on re-signing players, and more importantly, adding an important name to the offense line.

While fans are hopeful that Indianapolis will be able to accomplish both of those things, they also want to see the Colts pull off something else. Fans would love to see the Colts bring cornerback Rock Ya-Sin back to Indianapolis in free agency.

Could Rock Ya-Sin return to Colts in free agency?

Indianapolis selected Ya-Sin in the second round of the 2019 Draft and he started at corner for the Colts for three years. During his third season, he really started to emerge and everyone became enamored with his growth and promise. Other teams did as well, so Indy traded Ya-Sin last offseason to the Las Vegas Raiders in exchange for Yannick Ngakoue. It was an understandable trade because Indy really needed pass rushing, but it was still tough to part with an ascending Ya-Sin.

Now, after one season, fans are thinking that maybe the Colts could have both Ngakoue and Ya-Sin. Both players will be free agents after spending just one year with a new team. Yannick Ngakoue did help improve Indy’s pass rush, and added 9.5 sacks this season. In Vegas, Ya-Sin started nine of the 11 games he played in, and recorded 45 tackles and seven pass deflections. Could he now be on his way back to Indianapolis?

The Colts certainly need to rebuild some cornerback depth this offseason, especially since Brandon Facyson is unlikely to return, but it’ll be interesting to see if the team actually pursues Rock Ya-Sin. Ya-Sin is a starting cornerback and Indianapolis has Stephon Gilmore and Isaiah Rodgers returning next season. It doesn’t necessarily hurt to have three starting-caliber cornerbacks, but with Kenny Moore playing in the slot, the Colts will have to ask if it’s really worth adding Ya-Sin.

Gilmore, Rodgers, and Moore are all entering the final season of their contracts though, so maybe that could encourage Indianapolis to bring back Rock Ya-Sin. They could secure him for multiple seasons, knowing that they’ll likely be losing some corners in a year.

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