The one player the Colts must sign in free agency

Jan 21, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson
Jan 21, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

With 2023 free agency approaching for the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts will be looking to improve but there’s one player specifically that they must sign.

On Wednesday, March 15, NFL free agency will officially start. All 32 teams will feverishly recruit free agents to their franchise. Some teams will strike out on the majority of their targets, and other teams will spend a ton of money to get every player they wanted. The Jacksonville Jaguars showed last season how impactful free agency is, after a huge spending spree took them from being the worst team in the league to a contending team in the playoffs.

Several other teams will try replicating that this offseason, but it’s much easier said than done. That’s why, although teams would like to sign several top free agents, they usually focus in on a few top priority guys. For the Indianapolis Colts, who should those top targets be? Is there any one player that the Colts have to snag in free agency this offseason? Aaron Schatz from ESPN thinks so.

In a recent piece looking at one player every team must sign in free agency, Schatz argued that Indianapolis must sign Philadelphia Eagles guard, Isaac Seumalo.

ESPN says Colts must sign Isaac Seumalo

Seumalo has already emerged as target name amongst Colts Nation, for a lot of the same reasons that Schatz lists. Indianapolis’ line was terrible last season, right guard is the most open spot on that line, and Seumalo may be the best guard in free agency this year and will surely help Indy’s line better perform next season.

It also doesn’t hurt that Seumalo’s former offensive coordinator, Shane Steichen, is now the head coach of the Colts. Players love to follow coaches in this league, so fans are hoping some Eagles players are coming to Indy. Isaac Seumalo definitely needs to be one of them.

While adding Steichen as head coach is great, and upgrading at quarterback is also going to be great, Indianapolis’ biggest problem last season was the offensive line. Fixing that line should be priority No. 1 in free agency.

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