Looks like Colts fans should expect more big games from Alec Pierce moving forward

Indianapolis Colts second-year receiver Alec Pierce had his first statement game of the season and Indy’s offensive coordinator doesn’t think it’ll be his last.
Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans
Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

In Week 13, second-year wide receiver Alec Pierce had his first big game of the year for the Indianapolis Colts. His three catches for 100 yards and a touchdown helped the Colts defeat the Tennessee Titans in overtime 31-28. Prior to the game, Pierce was having a very underwhelming season. The most yards he had in a single game this year was 53, and he was only Indy’s third most productive receiver.

Pierce’s performance for much of the year was far from the expectations that everyone had for him. That led to people debating if Pierce was just struggling or if factors outside of himself led to his low production. After Sunday, wide receivers coach Reggie Wayne made it clear that it wasn’t Pierce, arguing that the young receiver just needed opportunity.

On Tuesday, Colts offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter echoed that sentiment. Speaking with the media, Cooter advised everyone to blame him for Pierce’s lack of involvement in the offense, not Pierce. The exciting part of Cooter’s statement, though, was when he said don’t be surprised if this is the first of many big games for Pierce.

Colts offensive coordinator to get Alec Pierce more involved

On the season, Alec Pierce has played in all 12 games, catching 25 passes on 45 targets for 391 yards and one touchdown. Because of Pierce’s big-play ability, he has somewhat been diminished into a shot receiver in the Colts offense. While he has the skillset to haul in deep balls, a lot has to go right for that to happen. Indy needs adequate protection, then Gardner Minshew must see Alec Pierce and deliver him an accurate pass. If those things aren’t happening, you’ll just have a talented young receiver with underwhelming numbers.

On Sunday, Pierce caught two deep balls and was wide open for another but the pass was inaccurate. So, it didn’t seem like his role necessarily changed, the offense just executed better. As Indy moves forward and makes a push to the playoffs, it’ll be interesting to see how exactly the Colts plan to get Pierce more involved.