Colts defensive tackle DeForest Buckner makes NFL Top 100 for fourth straight year

• DeForest Buckner was recently revealed as a player on the NFL’s Top 100 ranking.

• This is the Colts defensive tackle fourth straight year on the list.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts
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It was recently revealed on NFL Network that DeForest Buckner has, for the fourth consecutive season, made it onto the NFL Top 100 list of best players. This time around, Buckner is slotted in the 71st spot, the lowest he's been ranked when making the list.

As a way to annually fill the post-draft content void, the NFL Top 100 was birthed to show who the playerbase views as the Top 100 players in the league.

"To vote, each player lists only his top 20 players in the league. The player listed at No. 1 gets 20 points, the player listed at No. 2 gets 19 points, and the process continues until the player listed at No. 20 gets one point."

Pro Football Talk (NBC Sports)

Therefore, essentially, the NFL Top 100 isn't even a "Top 100" list. More so, it's a culmination of the top 100 votegetters from players who curated their personal "Top 20." Whether or not stock from these lists are bought by fans, it remains the best way to get a general understanding of the players' perspectives on the talent in this league.

Colts DT DeForest Buckner ranked No. 71 on NFL Top 100

Nonetheless, DeForest Buckner has been considered a Top 100 player for nearly half a decade straight. This is, at the very least, a collective nod from the rest of the league.

Regardless of the many woes from the 2022 Indianapolis Colts, Buckner remained as dominant as ever. His freaky athleticism and relentless motor, not to mention his incredible size, required double-teams all season long. He finished the season posting the following numbers:

8.0 Sacks, 74 Tackles (career-high), 11 Tackles for Loss & 22 QB Hits (both 2nd-most in career), 2 FF

Buckner's debut on the NFL Top 100 List was in 2020, which would've been based on his last year with the San Francisco 49ers, as the 55th ranked player. Ever since though, Buckner has consistently proven his worth, making the list each year as an Indianapolis Colt.