Best college plays from Anthony Richardson that will get Colts fans excited

Georgia v Florida
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Florida Gators quarterback Anthony Richardson (15) dives into the end zone for a touchdown in the / Doug Engle / USA TODAY NETWORK

1. Anthony Richardson breaks off a video-game touchdown run (vs. LSU)

This is the play I'm assuming most people think of when they hear Anthony Richardson. Yes, I'll admit, the first time seeing this play I thought to myself, "great run but that's some abysmal tackling on display." Here's the thing, both can be true. Let's choose to appreciate the incredible touchdown as opposed to discredit him for a lacksidaisical effort from his opponents.

Richardson drops back, doesn't like what he sees and takes off. Likely getting the first down anyways, that wasn't enough for him. As you can tell from the score, the Gators trailed the Tigers by 21 points entering the fourth quarter. By any means necessary, Richardson willed himself into the end zone to hopefully spark a comeback because as we all know, no game's ever truly over until you see triple zeroes.

Obviously the quarterback position is known for the passing of the pigskin, but his alienistic athleticism mixed with his rushing prowess is an almost league-breaking trait to have given the recent change in direction from the league's best quarterbacks (i.e., Allen, Hurts, Jackson, Mahomes, etc). It's not only a passing league nowadays, but it's a league where its most productive quarterbacks are also threats on the ground.

Anthony Richardson is by no means a shoo-in for a successful NFL career, however, his unprecedented traits, build, and talent at just 20 years old opens the book full of possibilities. He presents one of the most interesting possibilities of boom-or-bust career arcs in recent memory, quite possibly of all-time. He's either going to be a bust, which many first-round QB selections are, or, he could blossom into one of the only QBs in the league who can go toe-to-toe with Patrick Mahomes. Only time will tell, but the intrigue alone warrants the experiment.

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