Anthony Richardson makes wild claim about playing in the NFL

This take is sure to raise some eyebrows.
Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons
Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Most people would probably assume that playing in the NFL is harder than playing college football, but the opposite is actually true, according to Indianapolis Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson, who explained why during a recent appearance on the "Club 520" podcast.

“The old me, I used to always try to be Superman,” Richardson said, “I’m trying to make every play. . . Playing in the NFL, I feel like, is easier than in college. In college, you got players that are good, they know they're good, but they're not as confident. They've got to rely on other players to do this for them to do that. But in the league, everybody is trying to work to stay in the league and try to keep their job.

"So everybody is trying to ball out. That just let me know I ain't gotta do too much," he added. "I'm going to do my job and he's going to do his job, and it's going to work."

That's a very interesting quote from Richardson, and one that is likely to be taken out of context. Overall, it seems like he's saying that everyone in the NFL is so good that there's less pressure on any one individual than there might be at the collegiate level. In college, Richardson might have felt like he had to do too much in order for his team to succeed, but in the league he can play within himself more.

Richardson was also limited to just four games as a rookie last season due to injury issues, so maybe his opinion on the matter will change once he gets some more professional experience under his belt.

The University of Florida product flashed some real potential during him brief on-field opportunity last year, and he'll look to build upon that in his second season.