3 things from preseason finale that should have Colts fans excited for regular season

The Indianapolis Colts wrapped up the preseason with a win against the Philadelphia Eagles, and gave fans reason to be excited for the 2023 season.
Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles
Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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1. Anthony Richardson

If someone didn’t watch the game, and just saw Anthony Richardson’s stat line of 6-of-17 passes completed for 78 yards, along with 38 rushing yards on five carries, they probably wouldn’t think much of it. However, if you watched the game, you have to be even more excited about Richardson’s future with the Colts, because he looked good.

Richardson was calm, had control of the offense, made good reads, perfectly executed a lot of RPOs, escaped pressure, used his legs, and made some great throws. Considering that the conversation around Richardson has been about how much he needs to develop and how high his ceiling is, it seems like he has a pretty high floor as well.

Richardson didn’t have to deal with Philly’s starters, or a complicated defensive game plan designed to stop the Colts, but he looked better than ideal for it just to be his second time on an NFL field. He did have some moments where he forced the ball or sailed it, but that’s to be expected, especially since he’s still growing.

Overall, Richardson looked like a quarterback that’s ready to start the regular season. He also looked like a player that will make a ton of exciting plays as a rookie and be very entertaining. Richardson already had fans excited for the season, but that excitement grew Thursday night.