3 things Anthony Richardson needs to be successful in 2024 and beyond

There are still a few things the Colts need to help their quarterback to be successful in the future.
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Anthony Richardson will essentially be repeating his rookie season after a season-ending shoulder surgery. The quarterback of the future showed flashes of greatness on and off the field. Richardson is a raw, athletic quarterback who needs some help to reign in the bad plays and the many other mistakes he will make going forward.

Richardson had a rough go of it from the beginning as running back Jonathan Taylor held out and both were only on the field for a handful of plays together. This year, Michael Pittman will test the free agent market and the Colts defense is one of the youngest in the league.

Richardson finished the season with just 577 yards with three touchdowns and one interception along with a few rushing touchdowns. The big-bodied quarterback led the Colts to a few wins before going down with a shoulder injury.

Seeing how he handled the injury and even the maturity from when was drafted to the leader he is now giving me hope the Colts can develop him into something great. As the Indy Star points out, there are two ways to look at his injury. The first way is to understand that his injury was a fluke and the other is to look at it as he is inexperienced and too aggressive.

Regardless of how you look at his injury, here are a few things the Colts need to get Richardson to help him be successful in the league.