Colts QB Anthony Richardson isn’t changing his playing style, despite early injuries

Anthony Richardson missed most of his rookie season with a shoulder injury, but the Indianapolis Colts quarterback isn’t planning to change how he plays.

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons
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Early in the 2023 NFL season, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson was shattering expectations. The rookie appeared to be ahead of schedule and was impressing everyone with his arm and, of course, his legs. This left Indy excited about what was to come throughout the season. The Colts did ultimately have an exciting season, improving their win total by five games, but Richardson missed the majority of the year.

In Week 5, Richardson got tackled on a designed quarterback run and fell on his throwing shoulder. The result of the play was a sprained AC joint for Richardson. The injury required a season-ending surgery. While it was the most severe injury of Richardson’s young career, it unfortunately wasn’t the first.

In just four games in the NFL, Richardson suffered a bruised knee, a concussion, and a sprained AC joint. All three injuries came on quarterback runs. Naturally, the conversation became about whether or not the Colts should continue to run Richardson and if the young QB needs to change how he plays.

Speaking with the media on Thursday, Anthony Richardson made it clear that he won’t be changing his playing style. He did say that he’ll be smart, but ultimately emphasized that the way he plays is the reason he made it to the Colts. Everybody wants him to play like himself, because switching up wouldn’t benefit anyone.

Anthony Richardson will play smart but still like himself

The 6-foot-4, 244-pound quarterback admitted that he’s a physical football player. Understanding that may be uncommon for quarterbacks, Richardson explained that he loves being physical but he knows there’s a time and place for it. The quarterback said that he’ll focus on getting out of bounds and getting down as much as he can, and running through people only when necessary.

There’s only so much Richardson can do. The risk of injury is inherent to football. Additionally, Richardson’s ability as a dynamic athlete is what makes him special, so the Colts have to utilize that. It may be tough for fans to watch, but all everyone can do is hope that he bounces up after each tackle.