3 reasons the Colts got it right by drafting Anthony Richardson

2023 NFL Draft - Round 1
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Jonathan Taylor
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1. Anthony Richardson will thrive with Jonathan Taylor and Colts offense

For this offense to work with a new quarterback, and a new head coach, there needs to be a great deal of talent surrounding that player. The Colts have that, while there is still work to do, it is undeniable that having arguably the best running back in football, a star receiver in Michaell Pittman Jr., a developing receiving core, and a solid offensive line will help Richardson’s development a ton.

Jonathan Taylor, especially, is going to be one of Anthony Richardson's favorite people to work with in this offense. Pairing his dynamic playmaking ability with the athleticism of Richardson is going to make for some fun and unstoppable read-option plays.

While one has to hope the Colts do not become too reliant on that option offense, it is going to be great for a young quarterback to have plays like that to rely on to get chunks of yardage as he grows and develops. The threat of a quarterback with great mobility is something the Colts have not been able to experiment with too much throughout their history, so now there is a very unique opportunity here.

It is all about keeping defensive coordinators up at night when it comes to winning in this league, and having to account for the wide variety of plays a guy like Richardson opens up is going to have defensive rooms in the AFC South working overtime all season long.

This relies on Taylor staying healthy, but if he does, Indianapolis is going to be one of the more fun offenses to watch in the entire NFL.

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