Colts fans share what they think Indy’s floor and ceiling are for the 2023 season

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Now that the NFL Draft is over, fans are speculating what the Indianapolis Colts could look like and what would be an acceptable outcome for the 2023 season.

It's officially speculation season! As teams around the NFL conduct voluntary OTAs, rookie mini-camps, and more very soon, all the fans have to do is speculate how their team will do this season. How well can the Indianapolis Colts do this season?

Without a doubt, most fans in Indianapolis are excited after the Colts drafted their franchise quarterback and added some very valuable depth all over the roster. Anthony Richardson has many fans excited for an incredible season coming soon. Although, some are not a fan and believe the Colts will be right back to square one next season.

Recently, the question was brought up to Twitter, asking fans what they thought this season could look like for the Colts and what would be an acceptable floor for them. No one wants to lose, but knowing that your team is not a Super Bowl contender should set the expectations fairly.

There are 32 teams in the NFL and only one Super Bowl winner, leaving fans of 31 other teams needing to set those expectations that they are not going to go 20-0 and win the Super Bowl. So where do fans in Indianapolis sit right now with their expecations for the season?

Is the ceiling looking high for the Colts?

Of course there are going to be optomistic fans that say the Colts should go 17-0 with this roster with a floor of 14-3. I get it, we are all excited and this is mostly sarcasm, that is recognized up front. But what is a realistic ceiling for the horseshoe this season? Based on responses, the overwhelming collective have marked a 10-7 season as the ceiling. There were several 8-9, 9-8, and even 11-6 records thrown around, but ultimately, the common trend came in around 10-7.

Not a bad record considering the Colts finished 2022 with a 4-13 record, which gave them the fourth pick in the NFL Draft. And considering the Seattle Seahawks reportedly had Anthony Richardson at the top of the board, that was a great thing.

Some were not so optomistic though and thought the ceiling for the Colts this year is around 5-12, gardnering a top 10 pick in next year's NFL draft. Some even have said that Indianapolis will have to select another quarterback next year with that pick.

Overall, the Colts seem like they have the talent and coaching staff that could pair well with what the Colts want to do on offense. That could lead them to a 10-7 record and most fans would agree.

How low can the Colts go?

Just like the 17-0 outliers, there is a polar opposite effect here. Some say 0-17 is ideal because it secures the top pick in the draft. But that does more to a team than you realize. It tells the players that they are not wanted or that the team isn't even trying to win, so they should play elsewhere. Players want to compete at the end of the day, so if they are coming to a contract extension and getting older, they may want to go elsewhere to compete for a championship. Losing 17 games next year would be a death mark for this team.

So what is acceptable for the Colts this season? Is it playoffs or bust already? No. Is it top 5 pick or bust? Maybe. Most would agree that another 4-13 season is likely too low and showing no progress and believe 5-12 would be better. At least that shows progress from last season. As long as there is some sort of progress and development, specifically in the quarterback room, offensive line, and secondary, that would be a win in many books around Indy.

There is another option that many people have thought about, though. What if the Colts were to just pack it in enough again for one more year and draft Marvin Harrison Jr. with a top pick in the draft?

Personally, I am sorry for bursting everyone's bubbles, but the Colts likely won't be selecting Marvin Harrison Jr. in the 2024 NFL Draft. It's not that he shouldn't, but it is highly unlikely that Colts General Manager Chris Ballard is willing to give up the draft capital to obtain the pick that is needed to draft him.

As good of a story it would be to bring a Colts legend's son back to Indianapolis, it's a little unrealistic right now. Currently, he is projected to go top three in some mock drafts. Although, Jaxon Smith-Njigba was projected to go top 10 and fell, he was injured and fell for a reason.

Harrison Jr. might just be one of the top talents coming in the draft next year and teams are going to want him, hoping he can provide a talent similar to his Hall of Fame father. Are the Colts really willing to give up the farm to get him? Maybe if the floor really is 3-14 or similar, the Colts could draft him with their own pick.

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