3 most underrated Colts heading into the 2023 season

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
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2. Defensive tackle Grover Stewart

Grover Stewart is a menace on the defensive line, and he more than proved his worth to the team last season as he dominated for Indy’s defense. Stewart finished with 44 solo tackles, placing him sixth in the league amongst all defensive linemen.

A valuable run stopper, Stewart helped the Colts defense rank fifth in the NFL in allowing only 4.1 rushing yards per carry. Stewart's monster season went under the radar across the league, but he is one of the most underrated run stoppers in professional football. Now, he’s working on becoming just as good of a pass rusher.

The DeForest Buckner - Grover Stewart duo could be the face of a strong defensive line next season. If the two can generate more turnovers next year, the Colts could have something special brewing on the defensive front. Additionally, it will be a contract year for Stewart, so he may be even more motivated to dominate opposing offenses.