3 free agents Colts were wise to avoid

The Colts were probably wise to pass on these players.

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The Indianapolis Colts have been on the receiving end of some criticism regarding their approach to free agency this offseason, which largely entailed re-signing their own players instead of inking external free agents. They even dropped in some national power rankings.

Not all moves are good moves though, and the Colts were clearly very high on their own guys like Michael Pittman Jr., Kenny Moore II and Trey Sermon. Plus. they also may have dodged some bullets by not signing guys simply for the sake of it. Buyer's remorse is a real thing that many teams experience, often just mere months after free agency.

So with that as the backdrop, here's a look at three free agents the Colts were wise to avoid.

Calvin Ridley, Wide receiver

This isn't an indictment on Ridley -- he's a terrific receiver -- as much as it is an indictment on the four-year, $92 million contract that the Tennessee Titans signed him to. That's a ton of money, and a deal that is going to limit Tennessee's financial flexibility for the forseeable future.

While the Colts could have used some additional star power at receiver, they were wise not to shell out big bucks to bring in a player like Ridley, especially after investing a three-year, $70 million deal in Michael Pittman Jr.

The Colts have two very promising young receivers in Josh Downs and Alec Pierce, and bringing in a star like Ridley would have severely limited their potential moving forward. Now, the Colts can see exactly what they have in Downs and Ridley, while also still having cap space to allocate elsewhere.