3 Colts that should see more action in the second-half of the season

As the Indianapolis Colts look to avoid falling out of playoff contention, head coach Shane Steichen should give more opportunities to these X-Factor players.
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2. LB Shaq Leonard needs to play big snaps

Discourse between the former All-Pro linebacker and his defensive coordinator has gone viral over the past few weeks. Shaq Leonard wants to see more playing time, but has not seen an increase in snaps from DC Gus Bradley despite steady improvement throughout the season.

The Indianapolis defense has put up a number of poor performances this season, and Bradley's defensive coaching abilities are starting to be questioned by fans. Leonard's numbers weren't the greatest to the start the season, but in only 39 snaps in Week 9, the heart of this defensive unit put up ten combined tackles.

Bradley needs to be looking Shaq's way in crucial moments this season and it starts by letting him play on third down. Even with the NFL's tackle leader in Zaire Franklin missing out on last week's game, Leonard saw little action. "It's very heartbreaking," said Leonard. "It is is what it is. I gotta continue to get better, I gotta continue to play harder, I gotta continue to be the best guy that I can possibly be for this team."

This week's matchup against a weak New England Patriots squad is the perfect opportunity for Leonard to bounce back into form. Patriots QB Mac Jones has been a turnover machine this season, and the All-Pro linebacker known for his punch-out ability needs to capitalize on this weakness for his first forced turnover on the year.