Best Russell Wilson memes from the Colts-Broncos game that broke Al Michaels

Colts. Broncos. Amazon Prime. Thursday Night Football. “Under” Country? Let’s Ride.

America was treated to an all-time stinker Thursday night in Denver, which the Colts miraculously came out on the right side of, thanks to the special hands of Stephon Gilmore and some truly inspired nonsense from Russell Wilson, who was allowed to cook all he wanted while running Nathaniel Hackett’s “system”.

The end results? A 12-9 Colts victory in overtime that Wilson and the Broncos could’ve salted away hundreds of times, most plainly with a field goal just before the two-minute warning.

Instead, Wilson target an injury fill-in wideout and got picked yet again, leading to a Matt Ryan equalizing drive and an overtime period where the Colts overwhelmed the 33-year-old QB yet again. Glad Wilson’s not our problem.

What comes first: the end of Wilson’s contract, or a new “Austin Powers” movie?

Russell Wilson, Al Michaels memes the lasting legacy of Colts win over Broncos

All told, this might’ve been the most expensive failure in recent NFL history, factoring in the money owed to Wilson, the money recently used to purchase the Broncos, and the money Amazon assembled to craft the astoundingly good booth of Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit, only to fly ’em both around the country to watch Division-II football.

Maybe the streaming era can wait a year?

There was plenty of Wilson-based vitriol coming from his old teammates, too.

Richard Sherman, on Amazon’s postgame (oh, yeah, they’re also paying postgame guys), could not believe Wilson is still out here falling victim to the same gaffes that doomed him in the Super Bowl against the Patriots.

Meanwhile, Pete Carroll couldn’t help but point out to his new guy, Geno Smith, when he recognized incompetence.

Wilson received plenty of hatred and Russell Westbrook comparisons in this game, but America reserved its sympathy for Michaels, a broadcasting legend who used to greet us every Sunday evening on NBC, and now has to make chicken salad out of Nathaniel Hackett.

Herby, on the other hand? He’s lived this life before.

Honestly, give Al a cocktail or two. Who says no?

Al, you a bourbon man?

Show of hands, who among us was surprised when Michaels actually came back out for the second half after splashing water on his face and praying for January?

Lot of hands up, it looks like.

Michaels did some of the damage himself, though, doling out all-time quotes beginning as soon as the game truly tripped into madness … so, like, midway through the first quarter.

As always, he did his very best.

At least next week should be more entertaining on the national broadcast, when Thursday Night Football takes us to … oh, come on, Bears-Commanders?!

Then, stay tuned for Steelers- Steelers, Browns-Iowa Hawkeyes, and Russell Wilson and KJ Hamler going mano a mano.