Second-year Colts TE joins Mo-Alie Cox for massive opportunity

Indianapolis Colts tight end Kylen Granson (83) runs with the ball. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Indianapolis Colts tight end Kylen Granson (83) runs with the ball. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports /

The Indianapolis Colts have suffered through a lack of production from the tight end position over the last few seasons. With Jack Doyle finally starting to fade away, Philip Rivers and Carson Wentz both were tasked with throwing to underperforming veterans or rookies like Kylen Granson.

In 2022, things look a bit more promising for Matt Ryan and the rest of the offense. In addition to the fact that Granson promises to be much better in his second season, Mo Alie-Cox will move from a bit of an unknown novelty to someone that plays a featured role in the offense.

The bond between Alie-Cox and Granson, who will likely go into the season as the top two players on the depth chart ahead of rookie Jelani Woods, is getting stronger.  Granson and Alie-Cox are putting the work, as they’re trying everything in their power to develop the chemistry needed to master Reich’s offense.

Granson linked up with Alie-Cox and participated in Travis Kelce’s “Tight End University” summit. After years of questionable results from the tight end room, the three-headed monster of the speedy youngster in Granson, aging jump-ball master in Alie-Cox, and an athletic freak in Woods could make some noise.

Will Mo Alie-Cox and Kylen Granson star for the Colts?

Granson recorded just 11 catches in his rookie season, but he could be in for a more significant role this year. Alie-Cox recorded at least 300 yards receiving for the second year in a row while scoring four touchdowns. Not bad for someone who was a power forward in his collegiate days.

Not only are Granson and Alie-Cox playing in an offense that made stars out of names like Zach Ertz and Eric Ebron, but Ryan has had success targeting tight ends like the great Tony Gonzalez, Austin Hooper, and Kyle Pitts during his time with Atlanta. These two will be under the microscope.

In addition to those two standouts, Woods promises to earn some snaps early in his career. The Virginia alum tested as the best athlete at the position on record, giving Reich even more possibilities if he wants to lean on two or three tight-end sets as staples of the offense.

Granson and Alie-Cox have never been the most statistically proficient players, but it appears as though both of them are ready to hit their stride and give Ryan some reliable targets over the middle. TEU could be the start of something great for this Indy offense if Alie-Cox gets better and Granson fulfills his college potential.