Is Peyton Manning cursing teams on Monday Night Football?

CANTON, OHIO - AUGUST 08: (EDITOR'S NOTE: Retransmission alternate crop) Peyton Manning reacts to the crowd (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images)
CANTON, OHIO - AUGUST 08: (EDITOR'S NOTE: Retransmission alternate crop) Peyton Manning reacts to the crowd (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images) /

Indianapolis Colts immortal Peyton Manning has helped completely reinvent Monday Night Football, as he has teamed with brother Eli Manning to create the “ManningCast.” The two trading stories and analyzing the game in a unique way only they can brought a fun new dimension to your average Monday Night game.

One of the more unusual aspects of this telecast is the ability to interview current and former players. Some of the biggest names in the sport, including Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, and Josh Allen have appeared on the ManningCast in recent weeks.

However, what seemed like a badge of honor when it was first unveiled has quickly turned into a complete nightmare now that the “Manning Curse” appears to have officially become a thing. Every time a prominent player appears on the broadcast, their team loses in the following week.

Manning hexed Allen when his Buffalo Bills team that was favored by two touchdowns scored just six points and lost to the rebuilding Jaguars. The week before, Manning’s old rival in Brady fell to a Saints team that was being commandeered by Trevor Siemian for most of the game.

Is Colts legend Peyton Manning cursing people?

Week 1 might’ve been the worst example of this curse, as he had players from both the Seahawks and Chiefs on the show in Russell Wilson and Travis Kelce, and both of those teams lost immediately after. Does correlation imply causation in this case? That’s for you to decide.

Forget about outright losing, though. Some of these players’ teams were also upset in embarrassing fashion. In addition to Allen and Brady losing against Jacksonville and New Orleans, Kelce and the Chiefs blew a huge fourth-quarter lead. Matthew Stafford and the Rams were blown out by the Cardinals.

The Mannings have been willing to change the format around and incorporate new bits, so they don’t have to keep interviewing current players. While the likes of Ryan Tannehill, Justin Herbert, and Lamar Jackson picked up big wins on Sunday, they shouldn’t be rewarded with a spot on the ManningCast.

If the Mannings are aware of their ability to predict upsets before they happen, let’s just make sure they don’t bring Carson Wentz onto the set. Indy has a chance to make it to the postseason in a wide-open AFC, and if No. 2 gets booked for this show, the same voodoo that helped hand Brady and Allen losses could come for Wentz as well.