Colts: Peyton Manning trolls Tom Brady on MNF cast over weird opinion

For some reason or another, Tom Brady — the supposed GOAT — absolutely cannot bring himself to even begin to comprehend a linebacker wearing No. 3. Luckily, former Indianapolis Colts QB and legend Peyton Manning has a national television platform this season from which to take shots at TB12.

Shots Brady can’t answer with return fire. Because he’s not on TV. Needless to say, this is a level up from the two quarterbacks jawing at each other on the golf course. This time, Manning’s speaking from a position of power.

Both Brady and Bill Belichick have been surprisingly vocal this offseason after the NFL eased restrictions on which jersey numbers can go where. Clearly, the agitation runs in the “family”; after all, if New England can’t be misleading all by their lonesome, then no one can.

Manning, meanwhile, doesn’t understand what the big deal was.

Colts legend Peyton Manning trolled Tom Brady over jersey numbers.

“My advice would be just to…study that week…Something tells me you’ll know how to do that.” Manning from the top rope.

Of course, Manning’s first-ever Monday Night Football game featured a fantastic, game-winning catch by Raiders WR Zay Jones, rocking the misleading No. 7. He had to get used to the changes fast, and he did a great job handling his business.

Look, it might get a little confusing. The optics are jarring! But Brady’s gone on the record repeatedly whining and kicking about something that, at most, might be a little jarring for the first drive of the game. That’s it. And, if you do your homework, it won’t even be confusing for that long!

For as great as he was, it’s almost impossible to recall “Peyton the Athlete” as part of recent history. Since the day he retired, he’s been “Peyton the Troll,” and that’s … ok.

If you didn’t tune into the Manning Cast on Monday night, you very much missed out. There’s a reason ESPN has been desperate to secure Peyton (and his brother, if they could) for quite a while.

He’s a tremendous troll and a peak insightful football mind, all wrapped into one affable package. You wonder, though, if Brady got confused when he flipped on the broadcast: wait, Manning’s wearing a suit? Is this Peyton Manning, or someone else? I don’t see a jersey number anywhere!