Colts: UNI lineman’s video-game numbers make him perfect Day 2 pick

MOBILE, AL - JANUARY 30: Offensive Lineman Spencer Brown #76 from Northern Iowa (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)
MOBILE, AL - JANUARY 30: Offensive Lineman Spencer Brown #76 from Northern Iowa (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /

Very rarely has Northern Iowa University been identified as the home of a potential star in the making, but the Indianapolis Colts might end up picking a future game-changer in former Panthers star Spencer Brown, who burst onto the NFL radar after dominating at the Senior Bowl.

Brown stands at a towering 6-8 and 310 pounds, and that size completely swallowed up pass rushers at the FCS level.

He doesn’t have a ton of game film, but what snippets are available of him show a truly dominant pass blocker that could start as a rookie.

The league knew that Brown was a very good athlete, but the numbers he put up at his pro day are downright unreal.

They almost look like something a Madden Create-A-Player would put up, as his ability to move despite his size might be up there with any offensive tackle in this class — Penei Sewell included.

Brown was able to run the 3-cone drill in under seven seconds at 310 pounds, all the while doing 29 reps on the bench press and recording a sub-5.0 40-yard dash. According to Kent Lee Platte’s Relative Athletic Score (RAS), Brown ranks as the top offensive tackle prospect from over 1,100 others over the course of decades.

Spencer Brown could make an impact right away with the Colts.

One of the main concerns with FCS athletes coming to the pros is the fact that they might not be able to handle the athletic leap in quality that comes in the NFL. Brown should be able to manage the speed and power of the pros, if these numbers are any indication of the type of athlete he is.

Brown is still a bit raw, as the lack of game time and competition levels are the main reasons someone with that profile isn’t a lock first-round pick. Indianapolis, however, could give him the chance to work out the kinks in his game. If he plays up to even half of his athletic potential, he will be a starter for a long time.

If Indianapolis doesn’t address their offensive line issues in the first round by either trading up for Rashawn Slater or staying at No. 21 and taking Teven Jenkins, a second or third-round pick might be in the cards for Chris Ballard. Unfortunately, Indianapolis will have to be very aggressive if they want to get him, as the entire league is aware of what a freak Brown is now.

Brown doesn’t need to be the second coming of Kurt Warner, Northern Iowa’s most famous football alum, from a legacy point of view, but those numbers could hint at the fact that he might be able to make the Colts’ offensive line one of the deepest and highest-quality units in the league from his first day in the pros.