Colts fans will love Jacob Eason’s offseason activities

Colts QB Jacob Eason (Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports)
Colts QB Jacob Eason (Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Indianapolis Colts’ search for a quarterback concluded in blockbuster fashion two weeks ago when they acquired Carson Wentz in exchange for two draft picks.

It’s worth noting that the deal hasn’t been made official yet, but that will all change at the start of the new league year.

While GM Chris Ballard has entrusted head coach Frank Reich with helping Wentz rediscover his confidence after he was arguably the worst quarterback in the league last year, it would behoove the team to have a viable backup in place in the vent that his struggles continue.

Though some fans would prefer an experienced veteran to fulfill that role, Jacob Eason comes to mind as a cost-effective in-house solution.

It remains to be seen if Indy thinks the 23-year-old is ready for such a promotion, but what can’t be questioned is his confidence and work ethic.

What proves that? The fact that Eason is out in California getting in some work with Colts receivers Michael Pittman Jr. and Dezmon Patmon smack in the middle of the offseason.

Colts quarterback Jacob Eason is putting in the work this offseason.

For any fans who thought Colts players were exaggerating when they lauded Eason’s arm strength last season, this video should do wonders in terms of shutting them up, because all it takes for him is a simple flick of the wrist to send the pigskin into orbit.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

The Colts aren’t expected to report for offseason workouts until the end of April, so the fact that Eason is this motivated to prove himself just validates all the rave reviews he received from the coaching staff this past campaign, during which he was very much on the outskirts of the team.

It couldn’t have sat well with Eason that Indianapolis seemingly never considered him as their potential starter for next season. However, when you consider that his rookie season was basically a red shirt year — he wasn’t active for any games and barely got any reps during practices — we like to think he understands the context behind their decision.

The Colts obviously have a ton on their plate this offseason, so naming the backup quarterback could get lost in the shuffle from a priority standpoint. However, if they wanted to make it easy on themselves, they should just go ahead and make it Eason’s job to lose.

Everything we’ve heard about the 2020 fourth-rounder indicates he’s mature beyond his years and this video of him developing chemistry with his receivers when he could be vacationing on a remote island with family and friends proves that.

Seriously, what’s not to like about this kid?