Why Jacob Eason could be next in line to take over Colts’ starting QB job

Colts QB Jacob Eason (Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports)
Colts QB Jacob Eason (Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports) /

If you’re already mentally drained from the nonstop quarterback chatter surrounding the Indianapolis Colts, then we honestly don’t know what to tell you. It might feel like the offseason is already several months old, but guess what? It just started this week and the conversation isn’t going to subside anytime soon.

Unfortunately for the answer-needy fanbase, there’s no way to know the organization’s plans until Philip Rivers comes to a decision about his future. According to GM Chris Ballard, that’s due in about a month.

With that timetable sorted out and nothing to go on but rumors until then, it might be time to start pondering the prospect of Jacob Eason being the Colts’ starter come training camp. Despite limited opportunities to showcase his potential, the coaching staff continues to rave about him.

It’s obviously too early to say if Eason has franchise-caliber potential, but that inexperience could actually work in his favor this upcoming offseason….assuming it isn’t entirely derailed like last year because of the ongoing surge in positive COVID-19 cases throughout the country.

In normal circumstances, Eason would’ve had rookie minicamp and a full preseason slate to stake his claim as the potential backup. He still has to go through that process. While that might be considered a lost year for some young quarterbacks, the 2020 fourth-round pick got a full season to learn under Rivers’ experienced and wisdom-filled wing.

Assuming he took full advantage of that opportunity, Eason should be more acclimated to Indy’s playbook, which would give him a notable edge over whomever the Colts bring in this offseason, whether in free agency or through the draft (assuming it’s not a surefire QB1 option).

In an extremely encouraging sign that proves the Washington product is fully committed to the grind, he often stayed after practice with various coaches and wide receivers to run through several plays and schemes from that day’s script. When that extra session was over, he would burn even more midnight oil by partaking in footwork and out-of-pocket drills.

Again, we’re not declaring Eason as the team’s starting quarterback in 2021. However, if the 23-year-old continues to impress when he takes centerstage in the offseason and preseason, don’t be surprised if he enters training camp with a legitimate chance at winning the job.