Colts: This Carson Wentz stat proves he’ll play better in Indy than Philly

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 30: Jarran Reed #90 of the Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 30: Jarran Reed #90 of the Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The Indianapolis Colts took a major gamble when they decided to trade for former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz.

Despite recent indications to the contrary, Chris Ballard and Frank Reich are assuming that Wentz can perform like the former MVP candidate as opposed to the quarterback who was benched during his poor 2020 season.

While Wentz did lead the league in interceptions despite playing just 12 games, but he did so behind one of the league’s worst offensive lines, all the while throwing to a cast of characters at wide receiver that even the staunchest of NFL fans would have difficulty picking out of a lineup.

The Colts are believing that with superior talent around him and quality offensive coaching, they could find their quarterback for the next half-decade.

Considering how good Wentz has been when given protection, that is by no means an outlandish statement.

Wentz is 16-3 when he is sacked less than two times. With the Colts in possession of one of the league’s best offensive lines, they should be able to keep the somewhat jumpy Wentz calm and comfortable in the pocket.

Carson Wentz will have a much better offensive line with the Colts

The Eagles thought that Andre Dillard and Lane Johnson would’ve given Wentz a wall at the tackle position, but injuries prevented both of them from playing in a good chunk of their games. The Eagles were starting a new offensive line combination seemingly every other week. It doesn’t matter how good your arm talent is, that is a tough situation.

Not only is Kelly a rock-solid center and Smith one of the best up-and-coming right tackles in the game, but Nelson might be the most talented lineman in football, as he has been named a First Team All-Pro in each of his first three seasons.

One of Wentz’s main flaws as a player is his tendency to play hero ball. This can manifest in either forced ill-advised throws into double-coverage or trying to hold the ball and wait for someone to get open. If Reich can beat that trait out of him by playing a relaxed, simple style, Wentz could get back to his MVP form.

Philadelphia is going to be in for a long rebuild, as their lack of cap space and poor offensive line means former Colts OC Nick Sirianni will be in line for some serious building. Indianapolis, however, is ready to win now, and that could give Wentz the support he needs to return to the Pro Bowler Eagles fans fell in love with.

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