Colts: Darius Leonard’s Rodrigo Blankenship impression is spot on

Colts star Darius Leonard has an awesome Rodrigo Blankenship impression.

Darius Leonard and Rodrigo Blankenship were entirely different varieties of beasts for the Colts in 2020, but the two men might be more similar than you initially thought.

Or, at least, Leonard can make himself quite similar to the rookie kicker.

Leonard’s intensity was on display in last Saturday’s Wild Card Round showdown in Buffalo, best exemplified by his perfectly-executed form tackle on Josh Allen to stop the QB right in his tracks on an attempted open-field run.

But just because the linebacker was locked in on a revenge tour did not mean he couldn’t cut loose, too. The Colts released footage of Leonard mimicking Blankenship’s pre-kick behavior to a tee, and it’s a perfect example of why the third-year pro is a perfect balance of intensity and silliness.

We prefer Leonard being the joker instead of serving as the butt of jokes, like when he accidentally tossed his wedding ring to an unsuspecting fan, then had to lobby for its return.

And if this is the best Blankenship he’s got, we’d love to see his other impressions.

Other than this moment, however, Blankenship’s first playoff game in a Colts uniform was rather imperfect, and below the standards we’ve come to expect; he went just 1-for-2 on the day, drilling a chip shot 30-yarder and an extra point.

Which is a shame, because “Doing the Hot Rod” was on the verge of becoming just as popular in Indianapolis as it apparently is on the Colts’ sideline mid-game.

Let’s be frank; most of us resemble the Lego-stacking nerd kicker more than the shredded-beyond-recognition wide receiver, and so we all see a little of ourselves in the shrewd kid trying to make it from a specialist’s perspective. The Halloween costumes certainly tell that story.

It’s wild to know that Leonard, an excellent mimic, seems to have a hint of the same ambition.