Refs screwed over Colts with weak Matthew Adams ejection vs Titans

Colts LB Matthew Adams (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Colts LB Matthew Adams (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

The refs’ ejection of Colts linebacker Matthew Adams on Sunday was laughable.

We’re not sure what the Indianapolis Colts did to get on the bad side of NFL referees, but at this point, the egregious calls being made against them on a weekly basis cannot be a matter of circumstance.

In unsurprising fashion, this narrative reared its ugly head during Sunday’s lopsided home loss to Tennessee. In the first half, Colts linebacker Matthew Adams was impulsively ejected by the refs for throwing a punch while trying to get downfield on a punt.

If you look at footage of the play, however, you’ll come to the realization that the referees’ definition of “throwing a punch” is among the loosest in their heavily-ridiculed dictionary.

Is this the NFL or grade school football? Listen, nobody’s denying that Adams swung his arms on this play, but it’s pretty clear he was doing so to create separation from the player blocking him.

The 2018 seventh-round pick no doubt made contact with the opposing player’s helmet, but it was basically the equivalent to the traditional swim move we see utilized countless times by defensive linemen in the trenches during games, and they NEVER get penalized for doing so.

Adams himself even took to social media acknowledged that after he was getting called a dirty player in light of a tweet he posted that conveyed his interest in taking up boxing when his NFL career is over.

For those curious, here’s the harmless tweet being used against Adams:

Give us a break. When did the NFL become so spineless?

The Colts deserve an explanation for Adams’ ejection, but given the horrendous calls being made against them in recent weeks — like the farcical interception vs the Ravens back in Week 9 and the string of weak holding calls in the waning moments of regulation last Sunday against Green Bay, to name a few — that’s a pipe dream.

At this point, fans in Indianapolis should just prepare for one or two controversial calls to go against the Colts in every game. In no universe should Adams have been ejected, but such is life in today’s NFL…especially if you play for the Colts.