Colts made the wrong decision signing Philip Rivers

Philip Rivers was brought in to help take the Colts offense to the next level. Instead, all he’s done is kill the team in close games.

Philip Rivers was brought into Indy to be a game-changer at quarterback. He was someone who was supposed to be able to push the ball down the field and give the Colts a dimension they didn’t have a year ago. That hasn’t even come close to being true.

It’s true that the Colts are 3-2, which isn’t bad. They’re still in position to compete for a playoff spot. But in those two losses, it’s Rivers who has been the reason Indy wasn’t able to pull out a win. Sunday against the Browns was the perfect example.

Rivers threw a two interceptions in the 32-23 loss in Cleveland, including a devastating pick-six to start off the second half to put Indy in a 17-point hole. Then, to start off the fourth quarter after a big defensive stop, Rivers proceeded to get called for intentional grounding in the end zone, resulting in a safety. Those awful decisions handed the Browns nine points, which was the losing margin.

Rivers had the same sort of bad decision making in the season-opening loss to Jacksonville. He also threw two interceptions that game, which was the main reason they lost because he didn’t have to force those passes. Rivers is actively hurting the Colts and has done little to help.

While turnovers have always been a part of his game, these errors are inexcusable. The Colts could have signed Tom Brady, Teddy Bridgewater or Cam Newton. Instead, this is what they stuck themselves with.

Rivers is clearly a guy that can’t help you win a championship. Did his time with the Chargers not teach us anything? It might be time to see what Indianapolis has in Jacob Eason. His turnovers can’t be any worse, and he would be developing along a really good offensive line. It might be a prudent move. After all, Rivers is already making rookie mistakes. What’s the difference?

The Colts have a championship-level defense when healthy. But until Rivers stops being Rivers, this team isn’t going anywhere.

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