Tom Brady or Philip Rivers? Colts may be able to choose

Both veteran quarterbacks may be on the market, and the Colts might be able to choose which one they want leading their team.

The Colts are one of many teams that could be in the market for a quarterback. They could decide to draft a new one, or they could go into the free agent market. If they do go into the free agent market, they could have their pick of a couple of veteran, accomplished QB’s.

Philip Rivers has been linked to the Colts for the last few weeks because of his connections to Frank Reich and offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni. He worked with both of them in the past with the Chargers, where Reich was the offensive coordinator and Sirianni was the QB coach.

Tom Brady seems more determined than ever to leave New England and prove that he can win without Bill Belicheck. According to ESPN’s Jeff Darlington, Brady seems very likely to test free agency. He would likely have his pick of teams if he decided to take that route.

The Colts seem to be good options for both quarterbacks. They have a roster that is put together to win right now and can do so with a quarterback who can elevate the offense and make it more two-dimensional. The question is, which one would the team choose?

Brady is the better of the two quarterbacks, even though Brady is still four years older than Rivers. Brady’s play has not taken as big of a dip in recent years. If he has a healthy wide receiving corp, he can still be effective enough to lead a team to the playoffs.

Rivers on the other hand is coming off his worst season. He only threw three more touchdowns than interceptions, and seems to be fading fast. While a better roster around him might help, he no longer has the skills to win a game on his own.

Even though Brady might be better, Rivers is more likely to want to be in Indy. He has that previous connection with some of the coaches, unlike Brady. Brady is also unlikely to go to the place that Peyton Manning built. It’s just a legacy thing.

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While I would love to see Brady come in over Rivers, the team might have other thoughts. There’s still a chance that neither of them ends up in Indy. Only time will tell.