Colts’ Jacob Eason update will get you excited for future

Colts QB Jacob Eason (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Colts QB Jacob Eason (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

Indianapolis Colts future QB Jacob Eason is looking really good behind the scenes.

Echoing the words of Cam Newton earlier this offseason, Colts QB Philip Rivers is here for a good time, not a long time.

Though it’s not based entirely on preference. Based on the like-a-glove fit Rivers has displayed in an offensive caretaker role thus far, surely he’d be willing to stick it out in Indy for as long as the Colts will have him.

But even with a rejuvenated 2020 season under his belt, the human body only holds up for so long, and sooner or later, Chris Ballard will be shopping for an alternative under center once more. What’s still up in the air, though, is whether that heir to the gunslingin’ throne will come from bottoming out and reentering the draft, or whether he’s already in the building.

From what we’ve heard in recent weeks from behind the scenes in Indianapolis, team personnel is extremely impressed with the work of rookie fourth-round pick Jacob Eason, who’s been not-so-subtly killing it behind the scenes.

As mentioned above, the personnel evaluators are definitely aligned with the team’s current starting QB; this is far from the first time Rivers has decided to go off on his own and compliment Eason’s arm talent and effort at learning the playbook.

Eason’s college career was scattered — once thought to be the man who’d lead Georgia back to prominence with a bruising backfield at his disposal, he found himself usurped by Jake Fromm and sent to Washington as a transfer.

But in Indy, he’s proven himself to be a remarkably talented student of the game with an excellent mentor. He’s also remained close with the team’s current kicker, fellow former Bulldog Rodrigo Blankenship, and the pairing has certainly eased the transition for one another.

Oh, and did we mention he has an absolute cannon?

There’s a lot to like about Eason’s physicality, but the mental game is the toughest to master at this level, especially with no assured path to a starting role.

So far, so very good, though, as everyone who’s come in contact with him during his short tenure in Indianapolis has come away rightly impressed.