Colts: Rodrigo Blankenship’s quote on Jacob Eason relationship is adorable

Colts kicker Rodrigo Blankenship and kid QB Jacob Eason used to be Georgia Bulldogs together. Fate’s crazy.

Colts rookie backup QB Jacob Eason’s collegiate journey featured a few more stops and stumbles than he probably anticipated when he first set foot in Athens.

Originally tabbed with leading the Georgia Bulldogs to the promised land, out of the SEC and to the National Championship, Eason instead found himself in the Pacific Northwest, quarterbacking the Washington Huskies after Jake Fromm took hold of his former reins.

As a freshman, Eason’s 2,430 yards, 16 TDs and 8 picks weren’t enough to unseat Alabama as the SEC Champions, and the following season, his career was thrown off course by a knee injury against Appalachian State in the opener, leading to his eventual migration.

Luckily for Eason, his NFL dream was far from dead. In fact, he’s found a perfect landing spot without a long-term QB solution for his first home in the league, and there’s also a familiar face waiting to greet him from his Georgia days: Iconic kicker Rodrigo Blankenship!

Blankenship commented on the relationship the pair still shares ahead of Week 1, and it’s heartwarming to think that their professional pairing is just beginning.

“Really sweet,” indeed.

Blankenship has been a rock since arriving at Colts camp, and Eason has gone through plenty of major life transitions since the two of them were first together back in 2016.

But both could certainly use a friend right now, and Blankenship seems thankful for Eason’s steadying hand during his first year in Indianapolis — and vice versa.

Though Blankenship’s chance has come first, both men will be replacing legends in Adam Vinatieri and Philip Rivers (and Andrew Luck, and Peyton Manning…) when they first step on the field. A little friendly smile can pay massive dividends in such a high-pressure situation.

The complete confidence of GM Chris Ballard won’t hurt Eason, either.

What better opportunity to grow and learn than with an old friend by your side and Philip Rivers in front of you?

Blankenship’s comfort may pay more immediate dividends in Indy, but putting Eason in a proper learning environment will pay off sooner rather than later.

Let’s make sure these two are sticking by each others’ side throughout the early-season madness.