Losers in the media calling out Frank Reich for losing after kneeling during anthem is tasteless

Frank Reich took a knee during the national anthem on Sunday and people seem to think that correlates to losing.

The players have said, countless times, that kneeling during the national anthem has nothing to do with disrespecting the American flag or the military — it’s about raising awareness/standing up for racism, social injustice and police brutality.

Yet, those opposed to it continue to write their own narrative and insert themselves into a discussion that has nothing to do with them. So when Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich opted to kneel during the anthem on Sunday before the team’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, you knew we were going to hear all about it.

And it was even worse because the Colts lost. Now some geniuses in the media are going to correlate 30 seconds of kneeling to losing football games. That’s the 2020 logic here in the great United States of America!

Ah yes, the same people that call kneeling a “cheap” and “weak” way to be an “activist” are now saying that this is “distracting” someone from doing their primary job. Remember, nobody loses games in the NFL or gets upset by inferior competition, ever! That’s all just a symptom of kneeling.

All that time Reich took to decide whether or not he’d take a knee surely affected his game-planning abilities. Stupid us! Not this guy, David Hookstead, who compared bringing back Big Ten football to killing Osama Bin Laden and Americans storming the beaches of Normandy.

Thank you for your service. We are so terribly upset those who knelt during the national anthem belittled your patriotic contributions to our country.

At the end of the day, this is a symptom of politicizing every aspect of our lives. These hot shots “writing” about “sports” don’t provide analysis, bring us the investigative journalistic stories, or ask hard-hitting questions, the latter of which they’re probably not even allowed or credentialed to do so.

Then they’ll turn around and say the rest of sports media is out here trying to politicize everything, but guess what? The rest of sports media is out there asking players questions about their actions and what they feel. They’re reporting on what’s being done and what’s being said and garnering worthwhile responses to all of it. And the teams are the ones allowing players to be more active in their communities to promote awareness. The teams are putting “Black Lives Matter” on the backs of helmets. Because they’re standing with their players and employees.

You’re quite literally trying to fight institutions when you’re writing stories in opposition of Frank Reich because he lost a football game, which, in the end, is the least of anyone’s worries during these trying times we’re all going through.

Reich took a stand with his players, with whom he’s developed personal relationships with. He’s eloquently spoken on these difficult topics — as a privileged white man. Even head coaches like Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll have echoed support for their players.

Those trying to correlate losing with standing up for what’s right prove one thing: their life experience couldn’t be less meaningful and their perspective on anything of substance couldn’t be any less impactful.