Former Colts punter Pat McAfee has hilarious theory about why Indy lost to Jags

Former Colts punter Pat McAfee had a hilarious theory about Indy’s brutal loss to Jacksonville.

The Indianapolis Colts were a part of one of the most shocking score lines from Sunday’s NFL slate, and no, it’s not because they pulled off a gargantuan upset.

Facing off against a team in the Jacksonville Jaguars that’s largely expected to finish with the worst record in the league following a chaotic offseason, Indianapolis ultimately faltered to the tune of a 27-20 loss.

We honestly didn’t think a result as embarrassing as this was even possible. Fortunately enough, former Colts punter Pat McAfee provided a hilarious theory on Twitter previewing his Monday show that’s crazy enough to be feasible.

Anybody else believe Indy was thinking of the future and wanted to get the Jaguars’ tank year off to the worst start possible? After all, a generational quarterback in Clemson stud Trevor Lawrence will be available for the taking in the 2021 Draft.

You simply can’t rule it out! All we ask is that the Colts inform Houston and Tennessee of this strategy because head coach Frank Reich’s side cannot afford suffering another loss to the Jaguars this season.

Then again, if another team finishes 0-16, Indianapolis’ masterful losing effort — assuming that team drafts Lawrence — would have already gotten the job done. The AFC South should honestly be thanking Reich and Co. for playing the long game instead of taking advantage of a favorable matchup to open the season.

It’s the only explanation, right?

No, it isn’t.

Unfortunately for fans in Indianapolis, sarcasm-loving McAfee is likely trying to talk himself out of discussing how the Colts managed to lose this game. That’s totally understandable when you consider the defense’s lifeless performance, Philip Rivers’ costly interceptions, and their puzzling decision to abandon the run game in the second half.

We admire McAfee thinking outside the box, but there’s no hiding from how inexplicable Indy’s loss to Jacksonville was. In the simplest of terms, the team’s performance deserves to be eviscerated.