Madden Ratings for Colts’ Top Three Players Revealed


Madden has released their ratings for each NFL team’s top three players. Who made the list for the Colts?

The release of Madden ’19 is just around the corner, which means it’s time for EA Sports to reveal their ratings of each player.

Fans of the game get worked up about their favorite players being underrated, and even NFL players share their feelings about what their Madden rating says about their skill level.

Two of the Colts’ highest rated players should come as no surprise.

T.Y. Hilton earned an overall rating of 89 from the Madden developers, and Andrew Luck’s overall rating came in at 86.

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Obviously the talent evaluators at Madden think Luck will recover to become very close to the player he was before the shoulder surgery.

Coming in at second on the list of Colts players is Jabaal Sheard with an overall rating of 88, which may surprise people who didn’t watch the Colts closely last season. His sack numbers weren’t great, but Sheard consistently put pressure on the passer all year long and he was outstanding against the run as well.

Sheard is one of the most underrated players in the NFL, but the people at Madden accurately view him as one of the league’s best defensive ends.

Madden gave the Colts a team rating of 74 overall, which ranks near the bottom of the league, with an offensive rating of 79 and a defensive rating of 73. Indianapolis has a lot of young players on that defense that can have breakout seasons, which could make that preseason rating seem low.

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Armed with this information, you’re ready to take the Colts to the Super Bowl on Madden ’19 when it is released on August 10th.