Top Takeaways from Andrew Luck’s Latest Press Conference

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

Andrew Luck spoke to the media ahead of the opening of the Colts’ offseason program, and he gave some extremely insightful comments.

Andrew Luck returned to the Colts’ facility on Monday as their offseason program has officially begun. Luck’s return included a press conference where he addressed a variety of questions about the status of his shoulder recovery.

One theme of Luck’s press conference was taking responsibility for his struggles and setbacks in the rehab process. He said he has learned that he’s an “impatient person”, and that may have been a problem in his previous rehab stints.

His favorite phrase during this press conference was “trust the process”. He was extremely adamant that he was not going to skip steps in the recovery process this time around.

Luck said that “there is a timetable, but I’m not going to share it with you guys.” However, he did add that he’s very confident and optimistic that he will come back as a “better player, (and) I’m going to come back a better teammate.”

While he would not share his timetable, Luck said, “If I wasn’t making progress, it would freak me out.”

Luck said that he still hasn’t thrown an “NFL-sized” football yet, and there was a comical discussion with him and a reporter describing exactly what balls he has thrown.

When asked about his offseason participation, Luck said, “I don’t anticipate doing too much out there” early on this offseason.

Luck again stressed patience and said that he wants to go into training camp “without a governor on.”

Luck told the media, “I’m not a perfect-feeling athlete right now.” That’s not a particularly surprising statement considering he hasn’t been healthy enough to play in a football game since the end of the 2016 season.

Luck was asked about some changes he may have made during his rehab, and he responded by saying he is not changing his throwing motion, but there are “things in my throwing motion that i can do better.” Luck added that he’s focusing on using his body as efficiently as possible to throw the football.

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The Colts’ franchise quarterback said he understands fans’ skepticism about making a return this season, but he said “I appreciate their patience.”

Colts fans can expect to be kept in the dark for most of Luck’s recovery because he said he’s “private by nature” and “not gonna share much.”

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Luck reflected on 2017 for a moment during the press conference and said, “(I) felt like I was becoming a distraction” last season.

He was open about the emotions he felt in 2017 and that he felt a “certain amount of guilt” for not being out there with his teammates.

Luck continued by saying, “(I) put a lot of my self worth in being available for this team.”

Luck is always focused on recovering emotionally and mentally along with the physical rehab by “feeding my soul with some good books, good food, and good friends.”

Andrew Luck’s interviews are always insightful, and Monday’s press conference was no different. While we don’t know any more about Luck’s timetable moving forward, we did get a look at what his attitude has been, and will continue to be, during this “process”.

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