Which Colts Unit Will Improve the Most Next Season?


The Colts are expected to be better next year with the addition of Andrew Luck. The quarterback unit will make an obvious improvement, but which unit will improve the most next season?

Indianapolis will be a better team next year. It’s kind of hard to be much worse when you only win four games in a season. Coaching changes have taken place and so have roster changes. Units will improve on their performance from this past season, but which will improve the most?

There are some obvious candidates. Quarterback seems to be the most obvious. With Andrew Luck back, the quarterback play will be much better next year. But Luck coming back will help other units perform better too.

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The unit that would seem to benefit the most from his return would be the wide receiving corp. That group could not get firing with Jacoby Brissett behind center. But with Luck back there, T.Y. Hilton and company should improve.

But the Colts receiving corp is a bit of a mystery right now. They have Hilton, Chester Rogers, and newly signed Ryan Grant on the roster. That is all they have under contract. Until the unit fills out more, it’s impossible to say how much that group will improve.

The unit that should improve the most next season is the secondary. This might seem odd since the Colts just lost Rashaan Melvin in free agency. But with Luck coming back, the defense should be on the field less because Luck will have more sustained drives with the offense. That will allow the defense to get some rest and avoid fatigue late in games.

The secondary was picked on last year because they were on the field frequently and because they were young. They still are young, but with Malik Hooker looking great before his injury and Quincy Wilson finally being healthy, the unit should improve just by having their starters out there. Having to play backups is taxing on a unit.

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If the Colts would have their way, all of the units of the team would drastically improve. But the secondary seems to be the one to improve the fastest next season.