Andrew Luck is Making Progress in Throwing Rehab

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

The latest report regarding Andrew Luck’s long road to recovery suggests he’s making progress by beginning to throw weighted balls.

The Colts held a town hall meeting on Tuesday night where Andrew Luck told fans that undergoing a second surgery on his shoulder was not an option, and that ship has sailed. By ruling out another surgery, Luck can officially move on to the next stage of his rehab.

He didn’t explain any specifics of his rehab process in the town hall meeting, but Ian Rapoport is reporting that Luck has not begun throwing actual footballs yet as he is currently building up the strength in his shoulder by working with weighted balls.

Luck’s latest comments on his recovery have some fans and beat writers confident that he will be returning soon. However, I’m holding back my excitement until I get some visual evidence of him throwing actual footballs with some velocity.

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There were plenty of comments made last season that made it sound like Luck was planning to play in 2017, but it became apparent that he wasn’t right when he got on the practice field.

I’m fairly sure we won’t have any concrete evidence of Andrew Luck making progress for a couple of months, so there will be a lot more positive comments coming from the Colts’ coaching staff and front office that will have to be sorted out during his rehab.

We’re about 13 months into Luck’s recovery from shoulder surgery last offseason. While beginning to throw weighted balls and ruling out a second surgery is a step forward, there is still a long ways to go before Luck is ready to put the pads on.

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