Colts Quarterback Jacoby Brissett Is Overrated

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - DECEMBER 14: Jacoby Brissett /

Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong for the Colts this season.

Andrew Luck’s future is uncertain because of health, many other key players got hurt, the coaching has been terrible, and all of this has led to a lot of losing. Many people who search for the positives in the season have gotten excited about the possibility of drafting in the top three and potentially trading Jacoby Brissett for another draft pick.

Colts fans are very excited about Jacoby Brissett. While he does have potential, he is nowhere near being a starting quarterback in the NFL. I’m not saying he won’t get there, but if you watch him play it’s clear that he’s nowhere near starting caliber yet.

A lot of people like to make excuses for Jacoby Brissett, talking about the Colts’ offensive line issues and a lack of receivers. While the offensive line has been bad, Jacoby Brissett is still hanging onto the ball and getting sacked on plays where he has plenty of time to throw.

The receiving corps has been pretty bad as well, but Brissett has two reliable targets in Jack Doyle and T.Y. Hilton. Brissett has done a solid job of finding Doyle, but T.Y. has been open and not noticed by Brissett many times this season.

T.Y. has followed his league-leading 1,448-yard season with an underwhelming 852 yards through 14 games. And to make matters worse, T.Y. has been held under 60 yards in all 11 losses  this season, and he’s averaging just 31.5 yards per game in those losses.

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People will say that you can’t blame the quarterback for a receiver’s down year, but T.Y. has been a consistent threat for the Colts that has now disappeared with Brissett under center.

Enough looking at the other parts of the team, Jacoby Brissett’s numbers are nowhere near the caliber of a starting quarterback. He has completed less than 60% of his passes for under 200 yards per game, with 11 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. He’s averaging less than one touchdown per game.

Jacoby Brissett has been overhyped this season. It is unreasonable to say that he is anything more than a serviceable backup at this point in his career. He’s still only 24 and could develop with his strong arm, but to believe the Colts could get a large value of trade compensation for the NC State product is overly optimistic.

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