Week 13 Grade: Indianapolis Colts Offense at Jaguars


The Colts went up against one of the best defenses in the league for the second time this season. While they improved on their performance in the first matchup, that’s not saying much.

The Colts were shut out for the first time since 1993 in their first game against Jacksonville this season. They improved their scoring output by 10 points this time around, but it was still far from enough to keep them in contention on Sunday.

Grade: D-

The only reason the Colts escaped from receiving an F this week is that they avoided the dreaded shutout. Also, there aren’t many teams that have had success going against a Jaguars defense that might be compared to some of the all-time great units when the season is over.

The Colts were held to under 300 yards for the game at a painful rate of just 4.4 yards per play, which would rank last in the league extrapolated for a full season.

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Jacoby Brissett had arguably his worst game of the season as the Colts’ offense only gained 3.7 yards per attempt through the air, which is unspeakably bad. The offensive line did protect Brissett a little better on Sunday as they only allowed 4 sacks compered to the 10 sacks they gave up in the first meeting.

Indianapolis has been unable to run the ball all season long, but they managed to gain 140 yards rushing on 5.4 yards per carry. Unfortunately, Frank Gore’s movement up the all-time rushing list didn’t do much good when the Colts were playing from behind the entire game.